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Nirav NV (G7FX)
3 min readMar 18, 2021

If you want to be a successful trader, you need to give yourself the best possible chance. This means understanding the importance of getting a trading education.

We’re living in a time of radical transformation and change across pretty much every aspect of our lives. Think about how automatically we all happily use apps and online platforms to manage our finances. Just a few years ago that would have been unthinkable. This is the outcome of the Fintech revolution that has been happening for years. We may not have consciously noticed these changes, but we have assimilated their outcome.

A professional trading education course will cover up to date information

Investing and trading have been undergoing an equally radical transformation. Just two decades ago beginner investors would need to engage a broker to invest their money for them. Fintech has changed all of this by democratizing the financial sector. This is why you can now access investment and trading services comfortably from home.

But accessibility isn’t everything when it comes to successful trading. Users of these platforms and apps need to ensure they are properly educated about investment, the risks involved and how they can avoid them.

When I left the City trading floor behind, I looked into the kinds of trading education available within the retail sector. It’s clear to me that because of all the incentives associated with brokers and educators, the sector doesn’t work in the favour of the trader. It’s all too easy to pay out for inferior or useless education, which ultimately don’t help the user to make a profitable career out of trading.

The idea behind G7FX is to completely change this. I want to bring the benefits of the professional training and education that I have received during my career to people who need it. To make a profitable living out of trading is difficult. Many people find themselves just giving up before they have a chance to make a success of their strategies.

Reach your own goals with flexible trading education training

The rewards for people who understand what they’re doing can be huge. It can change your life. Since I left trading in the City, I’ve been able to turn my experience into making a comfortable living from home. This gives me more time with my family and allows me to live the life I want. I absolutely think tat people should be offered the same opportunity that the world’s best traders were given when they started out.

While it should be the responsibility of platforms to help novice traders manage their risk, it’s not always the case. Financial literacy is vital for everyone today, whether they intend to trade or not. As a beginner in this field you can’t rely on this and should ensure you gain adequate trading education.

My priority at G7FX is to ensure that everyone who takes my trading education course to be more successful. I want you to make money and understand how to manage your portfolio. I was lucky enough to get the best training possible from two long-standing institutional firms. This is what is reflected in the quality of the trading education I offer.

It genuinely doesn’t matter what your experience level is or whether you want to do this for the rest of your life or just try it out. If you get the right trading education and are prepared to put the work in then you can be successful. Look for courses that are properly tailored to the level of education you need.



Nirav NV (G7FX)

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